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Brandwatch Consumer Research, a certified Twitter partner, is a social listening tool that allows us to search around 100 million online sources for keywords, phrases hashtags, authors, sites and other variables. We can then present the data visually, in a number of formats and views that allow for better and faster analysis, refining of results, reporting and insights.

The focus could be a topic of conversation, your brand, competitor brands and is built to your requirements, including segmentation and alerts through to your email. Brandwatch includes sentiment and net sentiment tracking, machine learning, proprietary AI, and is consistently recognized as the leading solution by industry analysts and customers.

Brandwatch was named a leader in a recent Forrester Wave™ Social Listening Platforms report, receiving the highest possible scores in:

Mainstream Social Networks

Brandwatch offers the best coverage of mainstream social networks, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Non-Social Voice of the Customer

Brandwatch’s capabilities are above par in incorporating a diversity of different data sources, including survey data, enterprise-held data, and online communities.


Brandwatch offers the best data coverage with full-fidelity firehose data, historical data going back to 2010 and impressive query functionality.


With machine learning triggered alerts, plus customizable alerts based on new mentions and thresholds, Brandwatch leads the industry.


Brandwatch’s machine learning custom classifiers, plus automatic entity disambiguation to identify topics and themes, puts Brandwatch ahead.


Brandwatch’s ability to predict and surface unknown topics with its proprietary AI, Iris, is industry leading.


The accuracy and precision of Brandwatch’s sentiment and emotion analysis is above par compared to other vendors.

Data Visualization and Dashboards

Brandwatch’s advanced dynamic visualizations and ability to perform crosstab analysis places it firmly ahead of other vendors.

User Interface

Brandwatch’s core listening platform has clear visual navigation utilizing a persistent main menu and sub-menu tabs to make it easy to navigate and use.

Product Vision

Brandwatch’s vision articulates a clear and consistent customer-first approach that places customers’ needs and challenges first.

You can download a copy of the Forrester Wave™ Social Listening Platforms report here.


Fanpage Karma

Fanpage Karma, a Facebook marketing partner, is a social media analytics and monitoring tool. It helps users to identify ways to engage fans better and reach a growing community across social networks. Fanpage Karma provides valuable insights on posting strategies and performance of social media profiles from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, TikTok and YouTube.

There are 4 parts to the tool:


–  Analyse your social media interactions and those of the competitors in real time
–  Access reports, including exports, set up automated report delivery and customise the report look, feel and contents
–  Analysis of an unlimited number of profiles (your own and competitors)
–  More than 250 key metrics to choose from, content and time of day analysis, analysis by keywords
–  Alerts, Morning Reports, Shitstorm alerts at high activity, notifications when a competitor posts something – customisable and sent to your email
–  Analysis of data every 10 minutes, live-boards for market observation, analysis of current topics and trends


–  Communicate with fans and customers quickly and efficiently on all channels – answer messages, comments, user posts and emails quickly and easily from an inbox, manually or automatically according to your rules
–  Receive social messages and email in one place, with an individual inbox per user
–  Encourages teamwork with roles and responsibilities per user type, the ability to delegate and track progress with the option of automatic assigning based on responsibility
–  Double response protection (more than one response to a single incoming message)
–  Ability to capture notes for internal use
–  Option to hide comments/user posts outside office hours, by keywords


–  Composing, planning, scheduling and publishing posts is now super easy
–  An editorial calendar for all networks gives you a unique overview of all your posts and allows for more fluid teamwork
–  View posts by status, monthly, weekly, daily – with clear approval process, based on roles
–  Media library for pictures, videos and gifs, post previews
–  The ability to share the editorial calendar with clients


–  Discover trends, topics & influencers from around the world
–  Rankings of the strongest content on Facebook and Instagram, filtered to your needs, makes it easy to spot the most relevant topics and any influencers your brand could benefit from
–  Spot hot topics, them most interactive posts from Facebook and Instagram with the ability to filter by region, language or categories
–  Search for specific keywords or hashtags and during your specified time period

Click here for a walkthrough of choosing metrics, setting targets and creating an annual report for performance review.



Audiense Insights, a certified Twitter partner, puts consumer segmentation and cultural understanding at the center of your strategy. The tool allows you to identify and understand any audience, no matter how specific or unique it is. These insights can be shared as an online report or downloaded for offline use.

Culture is always on the move, making it difficult for existing consumer segmentation to keep up. Using Audiense, you are able to segment and analyse based on attributes & demographics, by searching for keywords in conversation or using a pre-existing author list, The tool applies machine learning to understand who makes up your target audience, by analyzing connections between the people that shape it.

Audiense\’s social consumer segments are derived from consumers’ behaviour “in the wild”, making it more likely to reflect real affinities, and become a powerful new input to the segmentation strategy. Go beyond traditional segmentation based on age, gender and location, and discover new segments based on people’s interests and understand your current target market on a deeper level.

Uncover audience intelligence to help make better marketing decisions, adapt your targeting, improve relevancy and drive high performance campaigns at scale. View a detailed, rich breakdown of your audience’s demographics, socioeconomics, relevant influencers & brands, interest, media affinities, top content, online habits, buying mindset and personality insights.

Personality Insights, powered by IBM Watson, are a great way to understand your audience’s intrinsic characteristics to create a tone of voice your audience will respond to, useful when creating an ad or campaign.

And for Twitter specifically, their offering, Audiense Connect, is trusted by thousands of brands and agencies worldwide and works well with insights or as a standalone to get better ROI on your Twitter marketing.

Click here to see browse through an Audiense Insights – explore how it can help you best engage and activate audiences across multiple online and offline channels.

Audiense Insights report samples:

Dive into a sample report and see for yourself what kind of detail you could view or your own or competitor audiences or across industry/topics:
 Fast Food related topics mentioned in bio
–  South Africans who mention Basketball in their bio
–  South African Urban foodies and/or parents (25 – 55)


Contact us if you would like a 30 minute walkthrough of an Audiense Insights report sample or any other information on any of the software listed here.


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