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Let us help you deliver better new business pitches, and better client presentations that are founded in accurate data, strategy and creative insight. Find what will help you stand out and give you the edge on your competitors.


Reporting to help determine what is successful and what is not, in order to change or amplify your message before it’s too late.


The Landscape Analysis will do an audit of specific industries (landscapes) that are pertinent to your brand. These can be either macro or micro landscapes e.g. The conversation about your product/service amongst under-25s in Nairobi.


Discover where you have compared to both direct and indirect competitors. Gaining a deeper understanding of where your brand is relative to others, and what their greatest strengths and weaknesses are, will allow you to stand out from the crowd.


Who are the movers and shakers within your industry and what is on the horizon as the next BIG thing? These are questions marketers are always trying to answer, yet often don’t have the time, tools, or technical expertise to uncover these insights.


Content creation and publishing that is informed by real community and industry insight - make sure you're speaking to the right people, in the right way, at the right time. Workshops, training, and strategy all available.

Campaign Tracking

Use our social listening and entry capturing software to track the success of your campaigns, links, content and people.

Crisis Communications

From war-room software, to live reporting on crisis, media training for leadership and senior community management. Let us help you prevent a crisis and manage one effectively.

Content and Keyword Research

Let us use our data to elevate your creative and content strategies, using customer research data to create content your audience need and want to see.

Office hours

Book one of our senior experts as a regular extension of your team to assist and guide your marketing and insights efforts, train team members or assist on campaigns and brainstorms.


Showcase our work, our IP, our culture and proximity to thought leadership and valuable networks.

Re-introduce the need and value of insights in regular reporting, content creation and as a sales device for other agencies.

Establish an online presence that generates quality leads, expands the footprint of MM in the media and our database of potential clients.

Be led not by sight, but by insight


Get crisis reporting, daily updates, weekly competitor reviews, campaign comparisons and comprehensive KPI driven monthly reports.

  • By Keenan Harduth, CEO and Co-founder of Mirror Mirror What is the future going to look like? The future of your business, your audiences, and the channels we use to communicate are as unpredictable as they are varied. However, there are a few concepts and......

  • By Keenan Harduth, CEO and Co-founder of Mirror Mirror ARE YOU ASKING THE RIGHT QUESTIONS? When we started Mirror Mirror Africa just over two years ago, a month before lockdown in South Africa, the world, its people, economies, and all its organisations were about to......

  • It is not easy, but we somme just carry on.   Work from home, or WFH, was introduced en-masse when the pandemic first arrived in the country and has been a part of many people’s lives almost 2 years now.  In June 2021, an estimated......

  • Looking back a few years, our 2018 selves thought the battle with listeria and polony was tough. 2019 brought the heartbreaking, untimely death of Uyinene Mrwetyana and (rightfully so) large GBV protests and outrage after her rape and murder. A bright moment that year was......

  • Brandwatch Brandwatch Consumer Research, a certified Twitter partner, is a social listening tool that allows us to search around 100 million online sources for keywords, phrases hashtags, authors, sites and other variables. We can then present the data visually, in a number of formats and......

  • Social media is eroding the idea of truth and the credibility of trusted sources, how do you tell the facts apart from the lies? By Aasia Fredericks Twitter was supposed to kill journalism, and the same was supposed to be true for Clubhouse and Facebook......

  • By Nicole Weimann, Co-Founder and Head of Reporting The Datareportal Digital 2021 Global Overview Report reveals a 14% growth in South African social media user numbers in 2020, with that population swelling to 25 million courtesy of three million new registered accounts. At the same......

  •   Keenan Harduth, CEO, Mirror Mirror Africa  In April 2015 Nike launched a social media campaign as a conduit to get its plan to reach $11 billion in revenue from its women’s division by 2020 underway.  The company missed that ambitious target, but managed to......

  • Do you remember Justine Sacco? It was 2013, which may as well be an alternate universe on the social media timeline, but the infamous #HasJustineLanded incident was the first real cancel culture moment for South African Twitter. The then communications director was fired for her......

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